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Great tea, great times



The Kenya Tea Packer Limited (KETEPA) was registered as a private company in September 1977 and started operations in January 1978. The company was required by law to serve the local market only, but was changed in 1992 and this allowed Ketepa to export tea, KETEPA now exports packed tea to different destinations around the world. The head office and packing factory is located in Kericho about 270 km west of Nairobi.


KETEPA is owned by the Tea Farmers of Kenya through the Kenya Tea Development Agency Limited (KTDA) and the Kenya Tea Growers Association (KTGA). The Kenya Tea Development Agency is the majority shareholder representing aver 450.000 small scale tea farmers spread all over the country. These farmers own over 60 tea processing factories countrywide and produces over 60% of all the Kenyan Tea. Other major shareholders include Brook Bond Kenya Limited (Unilever Tea), James Finlay, Williamson Tea and Eastern Produce (EPK) among others who together own 38 tea processing factories and produce about 40% of the tea produces in Kenya.  


KETEPA is a truly Kenyan-owned company, refreshing Kenyans as well as enhancing the standard of living for small scale tea growers in Kenya, who are the bulk of our shareholders. Our current objective is to increase the returns to our shareholders by shortening the distribution chain through increased sales of high quality, hygienically packed value-added tea in the local and export markets. We are keen on contract packing as well as packing our own authentic branded pure Kenyan tea for the discerning global consumers. Kenyan tea is grown without the use of pesticides and KETEPA guaranties the best blends fused together from all over Kenya.

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